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You would like to get answers for a Flooring or Tile Project you are considering! Our job is to get you those answers!

1. How Much will your Project will Cost?

2. When can Your Project be Installed?

3. Guidance for Durable and Quality Products for your Project!

Moreover, Keeping the Process Efficient and Organized so you can make informed decisions! 


We can help you start Right Now!  Our Free Online Software will give you an Estimate Instantly, with no cost, no obligation, and we won’t pester with calls, emails, and texts.  The entire “line item”, Job Costs are displayed instantly the moment you Save the estimate. 

Then, You decide, How you would like to proceed.  We encourage speaking to our Expert, for your Flooring or Tile Project.  Reviewing your estimate allows us to understand exactly what you would like.  Then we can refine and customize your job tasks and process for your project.  

We offer a complete estimate and a complete Materials list, so shopping for your products is made easy!  

There is more than one way to get your Estimate Instantly!

1. Call our Flooring and Tile Expert @ 208 859 6068, and he will ask some questions, enter some information, and get you a link to your Estimate. You will be able to change and edit it as well!

2. Click on the “Get my Estimate” button and create account, enter information, then click the Green Submit button and you will get your estimate Instantly!

We are happy to review and refine your information, and answer any questions if you need more information to help you decide on any details!